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Gaussian beam shapers

[aμs] offers beam shapers in form of the 2D- refractive microoptic arrays for beam homogenizing, e.g. transforming of the beam intensity distribution into the Gaussian one, enabling the uniformity up to 94%.
The principal effect is based on the beam mixture by numerous, chaotically arranged refractive microoptic elements. Even uncoated, they provide over 90% efficiency.
Available are beam shapers with divergence angles between 0.3° and 20° , they do not require careful adjustment and can be applied for lasers as well as for other light sources.
Gaussian laser beam shapers – LBH
Microoptic spatial mode conversion for
Example of a designation:
LBH – a – DVz(λ)
terawatt class amplifiers

a – material
DVz – angle of divergency (grad)
λ - wavelenght (nm)
Applied materials are coded as follow:

Q – fused silica
GB – glass BK7
GT – glass S-TiH53 or S-TiH10
GL – glass S-LaH60
G – glass other type
P – plastic
P(G) – polymer lens on glass substrate
The profiles of the amplified beam before (a) and after (b) the use of the micro optics to re-shape the pump mode are shown using an eight color gray scale and across a dynamic range of four orders of magnitude. The profile of the focus is shown with a gaussian whose near field profile has the same FWHM energy content.

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