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  [aμs] advanced microoptic systems gmbh was founded 1995 in Saarbrücken, Germany. The company has at its nucleous a highly respected and experienced technical staff.
  Joining today’s world-class leaders in microoptics are the scientists and technicians in the advanced microoptic systems gmbh, a team of 25 experienced specialists with [aμs] extensive experience in microstructuring fused silica, optical glass and plastics who has developed a unique technology of design and fabrication of refractive microlens enabling the variety of new possibilities in the field of optics and contributing much to the improvement of efficiency and minituarising of systems. The photolithographical technology (chemical=isotropic etch) is based on extensive experience in research and production and permits a considerable variety of shapes for optical components as well as various packaging types of lenslet arrays and densities of more than 90%, ensuring the positioning accuracy of micro-lenses to better than 0,2 um with better than λ/10 quality. Their technology enables high effectiveness and repeatability.
  Their sophisticated design and manufacturing equipment is housed in the 800m2 facility including 250m2 of clean rooms. Through their unique state-of-the-art microoptical components, refractive microlenses and microlens arrays, the [aμs] specialists can manipulate a beam of light to create a specific beam cross-section or a specific intensity distribution. These components are utilized for collimation, focusing, homogenizing, beam splitting, imaging, etc.
  Refractive microlenses and lenslet arrays appeal to the OEM customers for a wide range of applications which include diode laser collimation, laser-fibre coupling, optical switching, multiplexing and beam bundling for medical instruments, optosensorics, telecommunications, laser optics, measurement systems, machine vision, optical computing, 3D imaging, astronomy - all benefit from the cutting edge solutions that have made [aμs] advanced microoptic systems among the industrial leaders worldwide.
  [aμs] is networking throughout Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim to provide its advanced products and services to a worldwide market. The product list of [aμs] is an ever expanding work in progress.

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