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Array Negative (concave) Cylindrical – ANC

Example of a designation:         ANC – a – Py – Rz
a – material
Py – pitch in micron
Rz – radius of curvature  in mm
(ARz - aspherical radius of curvature)
Applied materials are coded as follow:
Q – fused silica
GB – glass BK7
GT – glass S-TiH53 or S-TiH10
GL – glass S-LaH60
G – glass other type
P – plastic
P(G) – polymer lens on glass substrate

Pitch is the shortest distance between optical axis of two neighbouring lenses.
Examples of previously produced items





Please feel free to inquire for
optimization of the available
MLAs or for your custom
taylored product
*The exact type of optical materials is underlined in the drawing.
*The exact type of  aspherical coefficients is underlined in the drawing.
[aµs] manufactures the arrays with any pitch within a 10 µm – 4000 µm range and with any correlatable radius of curvature.
Arrays can be available as monolithic 2-side units with thickness from 2 mm to 10 mm.
Alignment preciseness of the lenslet optical axis on both sides is not worse than ±2 µm
array negative cylindrical, fused silica, pitch 1 mm,
lens diameter 600 micron, radius of curvature 3 mm
array negative cylindrical, fused silica, pitch 1 mm,
radius of curvature 3 mm
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