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Single Positive (convex) Cylindrical lens – SPC
Example of a designation:    SPC – a – Dy – Rz
a – material
Dy – lens diameter in micron
Rz – radius of curvature  in mm
(ARz - aspherical radius of curvature)
Applied materials are coded as follow:
Q – fused silica
GB – glass BK7
GT – glass S-TiH53 or S-TiH10
G – glass other type
P – plastic
P(G) – polymer lens on glass substrate
[aµs] manufactures the arrays with any pitch
within a 10 µm–4000 µm range and with any
correlatable radius of curvature.
Arrays can be available as monolithic 2-side units
with thickness from 2 mm to 10 mm.
Alignment preciseness of the lenslet optical axis
on both sides is not worse than ±2 µm
*The exact type of optical materials is underlined in the drawing.
*The exact type of  aspherical coefficients is underlined in the drawing.
Single positive cylindrical lens, fused silica, lens diameter 700 micron, radius of curvature 3 mm.
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